Come and Stay in Charleston for the Food

I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite things to do is to eat good food.  It can be fine dining, or a really good burger or slab of ribs; food is way up on the list of things I enjoy.  When I go to heaven, I expect to have a body just like I have now, and I expect to enjoy the things I enjoy now, but without the side effects.  Sure, I’ll be loving Jesus and all of you, but we’re going to eat together.  (Some of the other activities, I’d still like to keep private if you don’t mind.) 

 I’ve found the best pizza I’ve had just about anywhere, (Italian Bistro in Summerville).  The best Barbecue on the planet. (too many places to mention, most of them are very, very good)  And of course, there is fine low country specialties.  Shrimp and grits.  She Crab soup.  Piles and piles and piles of steamed oysters.    And did I mention barbecue?  You know?  Pork.  I can’t do the all you can eat anymore, because I just can’t stop at a reasonable point.  I have to order a dinner portion so I don’t have to suffer so bad. 

I’ve been looking at some of the Top 10 and top 100 and all that.  Have you ever been to Suwanee Georgia?  If you like outlet stores and endless subdivisions, it’s great, but where’s a guy gonna eat if it’s not at the Outback Steak House?  What about Cary or Apex North Carolina.  What is there to do in Cary or Apex?  Not a damn thing I tell you.  There certainly isn’t anyplace to surf, that’s for sure.  OK, so we have too much crack in North Charleston and everything that goes with it.  Crack dealers are people just like you and me really.  They just need some help getting pointed in the right direction, I mean, let’s get some perspective here. 

So, before you start whining about crime statistics and state taxes and all that, bring your pocket book and a good appetite and make the rounds here in Charleston.  You can never run out of new choices.  I write the content at although I haven’t written much lately.  I’m sure that will give you a good start and when you run out of choices there, maybe you could pick out a couple of new ones and write a reveiw for me…it’s not like I get paid for it.  This is a blog you know. 


One response to “Come and Stay in Charleston for the Food

  1. Have you every tried Coco’s Cafe in Mt Pleasant? If not you need to. If you have and did not like it. Please go back to see the changes. It’s well worth it.

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