Stay Tuned for July Market Update

Hello Everyone.  Sorry updates have been al little sparce.  I’ve been in Chicago attending a n executive development seminar.  Cara and I are getting caught up getting ready for a Summer trip to New York.  And we’ve been pretty busy with closings and other business related activities.  I guess this is our time to make hay.  So not so much fun stuff.  I will be keeping you up to date with the monthly market update, so you can get the latest right from actual MLS statistics. 

 We’ve recieved a lot of good feedback on our articles and updates, which I really appreciate.  There is so much spin out there, it’s good to know our work is having the desired effect.  Our intention is to help you make the best possible decisions for you and your family…even if it means you end up renting or staying put…and therefore, we don’t get paid yet.  We have people ask us all the time about whether they should rent or buy.  Is now a good time to move to Charleston?  What does the fact that the Charleston real estate market is levelling mean to me if my circumstances dictate that I have to move to Charleston now.  We just had two families close on their new homes in the Summerville area.  In Summerville, the appreciation isn’t what it was in 2005/6, but values are still increasing.  It is not a buyer’s market right now in Summerville, unless your home is cosmetically challenged.  Or if you’re up to taking on someone’s cosmetically challenged home as a buyer.  There are so many choices of brand new homes, it makes selling a previously owned home a lot harder, if it’s not been well maintained.  I started this discussion speaking about the two families who most recently closed.  They will be well positioned for the value of their homes to appreciate, because they had expert assistance picking out their homes.  Their agent (me) helped them make their decision based on all the pertinent factors, not just the ones that would facilitate an emotional decision.  I will actually try to talk people out of making an offer, or following through on a counter, if I think we can do better in our time frame.  This is what it means to be an “agent” of the buyer, versus a salesman.   The difference is, an “agent” is a trusted advisor, where a salesman may put their interests before yours.  Presumably, they will be fair an honest, and they won’t misrepresent anything.  (not if they want to keep their license), but they won’t necessarily look for trouble either.  A trusted advisor will look for trouble to help you avoid problems down the road.  A salesperson wants to make a sale as quickly as possible so they can move onto the next customer. 

Sorry for drifting off topic, but I am very passionate about educating the public about the differences between “client” level services and “customer” level services.  I want to be a member of your trusted advisor team, and for you to recommmend your friends to me down the road.  This means that I have to put your interests before my own, and that my role is to advise you to help you make the best possible decisions, not just ride you around, pop open houses, and deliver your offer. 

Stay tuned for more with July’s real estate market facts, and more on “client” level services.  Thanks for reading. 


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  1. very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

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