Could the new “West Ashley Downtown” become the next Daniel Island?

Keep your eye on the new shopping and living space near the new West Ashley Wal Mart, and Centex’s Carolina Bay Development.  The product isn’t finished yet, but if you’re kicking yourself for missing out on the Daniel Island boom, this might be your chance to score big.  July 6, 2006, the Post and Courier featured “West Ashley’s Downtown”.  The planning doesn’t seem as controlled as Daniel Island, so I’ll be surprised if they achieve the same planned feel and result, but it will be a huge improvement over the typical sprawl we’re seeing in South Carolina. 

One of the biggest reasons I think people pay the premium for Mt. Pleasant and Daniel Island is the better planning.  Especially Daniel Island and I’on.  Some people object to the artificial downtown feel, saying they feel like they’re in Disney World.  But, presentation and aesthetics are important to people, and something gets lost when you have to drive by unsightly commercial structures, strip malls, and even mobile homes, on your drive home.  I get emails all the time from people who want to spend less than $400,000, and want to be able to walk to shopping and entertainment.  Good luck finding that in downtown Charleston, unless you can cram into 500 sqft, or don’t mind bullets wizzing past you from time to time.  You can’t find much of anything in Downtown Summerville for under $400k, other than maybe a tiny cottage ridden with termites.  My most recent search downtown, a couple was looking for a nice townhome with parking.  They wanted to stay around $600k, and what we found was just pretty dissappointing.  We were able to find one option, finally, and only one. 

 So, if you want to be able to walk to dining and entertainment.  Or stroll down to the coffee shop to read your paper, Carolina Bay could be just the thing.  There are townhomes in the area as well if that’s your cup of tea.  But keep your eye on this gem.  I think the end product is going to work.  Centex’s Essex series starts at $330k for a 3 bed 2.5 bath home with 1537 square feet. That includes a standard one car detached garage.  The two car garage is available but it is an upgrade.    They also offer “drive-under” floor plans for those of you that prefer elevated construction, and of course they have there own pricing.  The “Plantation Series” are all Carolina Style Homes featuring detached garages, various porches, and Charleston Single Style homes.  If you’re looking for something where you’re going to be assured of good resale, curb appeal is everything, and these homes pop from the time you drive up. 

In case you’re wondering, I have no agenda to get you to buy Centex, other than I like it when things are easy, because easy is good.  I’ve worked with other builders, and heard many stories where working with the builder was un-imaginably difficult.  I’ve read hundreds of inspection reports on homes built by a variety of builders, and Centex homes have fewer issues than most.  You can read my other articles on new construction in the archives.  I’m working on one Centex home right now, and the builder contact is doing a remarkable job. 

I’m giving away all my good stuff here and making it easier for you to make a choice, so please consider hiring me when it comes time to making a purchase.  Site agents are usually great, but if you want to make the best decisions, then you need to compare all the different options out there.  I can help you do that. 


One response to “Could the new “West Ashley Downtown” become the next Daniel Island?

  1. jessica liebhaber

    I’m looking to buy a house in the Mt Pleasant area, but am concerned about houses that are adjacent to the wetlands,because of insects. Can you tell me anything about this or lead me to any information regarding this and property values as well as resale. Thanks.

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