New Home Builder Ratings   provides objective ratings for Charleston’s larger home builders.  They do not, for reasons I do not know, rate John Weiland in Charleston.  They do however, rate John Weiland fairly well in Charlotte and Atlanta. 

The biggest builder that didn’t fair so well is D. R. Horton.  They claim to have drastically improved quality processes, but apparently hasn’t materialized according to independent survey results.  KB homes also doesn’t look too good either.  Centex ranks the best in Charleston, although no mention is made of regional builders, Brentwood or Harbor Homes. 

Having watched  a few dozen home inspections, I can validate the survey.  I’ve not sold a Beazer home, but have sold several Centex built homes.  I refuse to even show KB homes having heard too many horror stories, and the one D. R. Horton home I sold had some finish issues that were basically un repairable without tearing the ceiling out in the master.  Nothing of any consequence has shown up in any of the inspections of Centex homes.  Same with Harbor.  I’ve sold three brand new Brentwood homes, just a fluke.  But their finish process is terrific.  Very responsive. 

A final note, and an admission of an open agenda, please hire a real estate agent if you’re buying new. 


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  1. Thanks for the post about the road through THE FARM in wescott!!!! We had a contract on a house in Planters Row. They told us nothing about it. We are out of state and I think they were trying to play one on us. Without your help we would have been Screwed Sorry about that just mad. They said we would get our Money back but still Fighting for it. Thanks Pete

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