Sometimes, dinner can be very dissappointing

One of Cara and I’s favorite things to do is go out on dates, just the two of us, which usually involves food.  We have a couple of regular spots, one of which I’m only a little embarrassed to say in Quizno’s.  Ours near Coosaw Creek is especially good.  There’s something about the way they toast the sandwiches, and I especially enjoy their prime rib selections as well as the beef brisquet.  Cara usually gets the tuna salad sandwich, and she enjoyes the sesame seed rolls.  It’s less than $20 with chips, a drink and a cookie, and we’re always satisfied about getting what we paid for. 

When we go out to a nice restaurant and pay $20 plus for one main course, we expect it to be delectable.  On Friday, we went to Old Village Post House in Mt. Pleasant, and it was a dissappointment.  I’ve been in the South my whole life, and never picked up my Dad’s New Yorker delight in such situations.  So, in true Southern form, I’ll talk about them  behind their backs.  I don’t like to complain, and I was hungry.  Anyway, I regret not sending the food back.  The salad was a little confusing.  I normally enjoy vinigrette dressing, and there was something just not quite right.  I’m not sure if it was too much salt, or too much vinegar, it just didn’t taste right.  Then, my scallops came out luke warm.  And the concoction of onions, tomatoes and greens just didn’t work.  The cold scallops tasted good, even though they were cold.  And I didn’t send it back.  I love scallops.  My mistake.  I told the waiter the meal was so-so and he shrugged his shoulders and said, “I’m sorry” but he didn’t offer to take anything off the bill send over the manager, whatever.  I was more interested in enjoying Cara than dealing with performance issues with the restaurant.  We ordered dessert, which was also dissappointing.  I’m not sure how you ruin apple and strawberry cobbler, but they found a way, probably by leaving it under the heat lamp for too long.  So, all three of my courses were dissappointing.  I also commented that the dessert was not that great.  Cara enjoyed her pork chop.  Next time, it all goes back, or we’ll just leave and go to Quizno’s. 


2 responses to “Sometimes, dinner can be very dissappointing

  1. Anyone who accepts bad food, bad service or bad anything without pushing the “up button” is missing an opportunity to help a business…including restaurants improve. One very effective way to get the kind of attention you’d like is to always carry a pen and a 3×5 card. When all isn’t well and you tell the, say server and they do little all you need do is say, “May I have your name please (as you have your pen posed to write it down). Even tough guys hate to get caught out in the hall and have their name taken but might say, “Why do you need that?” To which you respond, “Well I realize YOU didn’t prepare the food but…you know your here and the cook isn’t, and I’m not happy. The reason I need you name is because when I have people who help me I like to write to the owner or the president of the company and tell them what a great job my server (fill in the position) did in a bad situation. Now, of course if things don’t work out as I’d like, I still want to spell your name correctly. Now, as I was saying…this meals sucks…and I’d like to know who I;m telling it to. That New Yorker baby…and will is what makes many New York restaurants great places to eat… Love to all.

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