Summerville Independent Bookstore, All Books and Company

One of the pleasures we’ve enjoyed living in a quaint, small town like Summerville are the local shops. Cara and I have enjoyed over the years, our relationship with All Books and Company, and it’s proprietor, Michelle List.  We enjoy the larger bookstores, but if you you want to meet someone that truly loves books, you owe it to yourself to stop by All Books and Company.  It’s easy enough to place your order on Amazon, or get what you need at the mall.  But it’s all so sterile.  If you are one of our out-of-town visitors, you can start getting to know this local gem by visiting  I stopped by for a visit last week, and Michelle said she’s working on a new blog.  We discussed some possible posts:

Movies that did justice to the book, Those that didn’t And “What were they thinking.” 

I’ll be sure to let you know when she gets her blog started.  For now, you can see her latest recommendations at   Wherever we happen to run into Michelle, it’s always a treat.  She’s very well read, and also fairly well traveled, so conversation is always a special treat.  

The shop is located in a small house on a side street, but just off of Main, 201 E. 1st North St.  (When I find out why Summerville has such strange street names, I’ll let you know.)

My most recent purchase, I picked up four copies of Charleston in My Time by West Fraser.  West Fraser painted a family favorite “Cherry Point Seafood”.   It’s a family favorite because “The Lien Machine”, a wreck fish boat my brother, Chris, works on is docked there, and also because he stayed at Micha LaRouche’s home there for about a year after a pretty serious car crash back in the early ’90s.  Micha owns Cherry Point Seafood and the home is adjacent to the dock.  Prints of “Cherry Point Seafood” hang in all my family member’s homes, and now a copy of the book now sits on everyone’s coffee table.  Also, if you want to learn more about West Fraser, visit  And if you want to try some wreck fish, just go to an east coast seafood restaurant and order the Sea Bass. 

There is also a connection to Cherry Point Seafood to All Books and Company and Michelle’s family.  But I’ll leave that to your visit to All Books and Company. 


One response to “Summerville Independent Bookstore, All Books and Company

  1. Street names in Summerville :
    stand on the railroad track in the center of town
    face north
    hold out your arms

    Get it? North – South – East – West are the directions from the railroad track and 1st – 2nd – 3rd – 4th – Etc are the number of blocks north and south from the RR track.

    By the way, thank you for the great mention. Now that taxes are done, it is time to hit the blog.

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