Google Map Property Search – Charleston’s Finest Real Estate Dot Com Goes Live

Hello everyone.  In our ongoing mission to provide top quality content and customer service, we’ve added another tool to our arsenal to help more people find homes, and connect sellers with the right buyers. adds Home Search through Google Satellite Mapping.  We’d like your feedback on how well this product works for you and how helpful it really is to be able to search through the map itself, with the houses positioned on an actual map.  It seemed like a good idea to us, at least to offer the choice.  We’re not 100% sure if it’s truly helpful, or if it’s just a gadget that looks good at first, but doesn’t really deliver.  A recent tech savvy client of mine used a similar product and it was extremely helpful when it came time to start scheduling and prioritizing showings.  We want your thoughts, so please visit, set up an account, and give it a try.  The email notification seems more user friendly than what we have at the site, where it’s not intuitive at all.  The email notification is especially important if you’re actually planning on finding a home, because it keeps you up to date on homes as soon as they hit the market.  Many people don’t realize that the best deals, homes in good condition that are well priced, often sell as soon as they hit the market.  So if you’re not set up with email notification, you could be missing out on the best opportunities.  I can set it up for you, or chance what you’re already getting.  Just email or give me a call. 

We get great feedback, nothing but compliments from our clients that have used the search at  It has an area map to help you get started, and then once you fill out your search criteria and come up with your list, you can click on “map” which will show you where the home is on Google Maps, but only one home at a time.  If you have an account, which is free by the way, you can access Advanced Feature Search, email notification, and Save Searches as well as favorites.  Saving favorites is a favorite feature.  It allows people from moving outside the area to hit the ground running with a well thought out list.  It allows us to work together on the telephone and email much more effectively so the search takes days instead of weeks.  2-3 days is typical to find the right home. 

We’re hopeful that this additional search choice works well for our clients.  If so, it includes a back-office that will make it easier to stay in touch with you and track your transaction from search to closing.  And it has the potential to allow us to combine three other computer programs, thereby improving our service and making everyone’s job a little easier. 

Our aim is to stay out front by offering state of the art solutions and superior customer service.  With superior tools, we will be able to attract more buyers, as well as help sellers find the right buyers.  When you’re selling your home, if you have your home priced correctly, and have it “show-ready”, the remaining challenge is simply that the right buyer find your home.   Since 80% plus home buyers start their search on the internet, and the Charleston Agent MLS solution being completely web based, we believe our clients are best served by investing our marketing resources in the internet. 

It’s an amazing fact that 77% of home sellers only interviewed one agent before listing their home.  Most people either call the agent that sold them there home, or asked a friend to make a recommendation.  Given the change in buyer behavior over the last five years toward the internet, and away from print advertising, the obvious answer seems to be to do a search on Google and see which agent’s sites show up on the first two pages.  In Charleston, there are about five agents that have a web presence where they can claim superior value.  They are:

Foster Smith          Prudential

Ron Henderson      Century 21

Mac Ridgeway       Prudential

Jim Adams             Keller Williams

Marshall Walker    Keller Williams

If you pick one of these agents, you’ll  be getting more marketing for your money.  If you don’t live in Charleston, and you’re having trouble getting your home sold, get in touch with me and let me help you. 


2 responses to “Google Map Property Search – Charleston’s Finest Real Estate Dot Com Goes Live

  1. It is so nice to find a page like this on the internet.

    I really appreciate that this blog has included me in their post.

    all the best

    mac ridgeway

  2. Read this today and wanted to say thanks for the great words! I agree with Mac and say a big thank you for recommending us. I’m sure you’v heard, but Prudential is now Carolina One Real Estate. Things are going well with the change.
    Thanks again for your recommendation.
    Foster Smith
    Carolina One Real Estate

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