Google Confirmed Coming to Charleston Area…and other employment expansion

In April 4, Post and Courier, Google’s coming to Charleston was confirmed.  Sort of…the headline reads, “$600 million, 400-job question soon could be answered.”  Then says in the first line, “The search for Google is over.  The search-engine giant is set to unveil plans for a new data-processing center near Goose Creek on the Thursday, several people close to the project said Tuesday.” 

So I guess we’ll have to wait for a more definative answer.  It’s pretty clear at this point that Google has purchased the land for the project. 

Keep an eye on, as well as, (which offers a free daily newsletter, highly recommended, ) and, the Post and Courier’s site. 

I’m often asked about employment opportunities, and keep my eye on the news.  Other expanding employers in Charleston include Force Protection (, Vought Aircraft, and Daimler Chrysler.  Force Protection builds bomb proof vehicles for the military.  Vought Aircraft builds aircraft components for Boeing’s new project, and Daimler Chrysler assembles “Sprint” vans. 

When people ask me about Charleston’s economy, I respond that it’s moving in a positive direction.  It’s by no means blazing hot, but it’s improving steadily.  I was somewhat dissappointed in the Governor Sanford’s response to Cabela’s interest in Charleston.  I’ve been working with small business owners since getting out of the Army in 1989 and sypathize with small business owners about the impact of Home Depot, Walmart etc. on small businesses.  At the same time, the big retailers are only responding to what consumers want.  And obviously there is an appeal, or they wouldn’t be so successful.  Also, the behemoths have mastered  the art and science of logistics to such a degree that they’ve created efficiencies that save everyone money in the end.  Governor Sanford opposed tax incentives to Cabela’s with the argument that it wasn’t fair to smaller businesses such as Hadrell’s Point Supply and other locally owned enterprises.  So now, no Cabela’s.  John Royall is very pleased, I’m sure.  Speaking of John Royall, he has a very interesting shopping complex in Mt. Pleasant that’s worth a visit if you’re here in town.  I don’t need to tell the locals about it, they already know.  There is a flower shop, Ace Hardware Store, and Haddrell’s Point Supply specializing in fishing gear all in the same block where Coleman Blvd intersects I526.  You might consider stopping by when you go to Shem Creek for dinner.  It’s a little further down Coleman Blvd on the right.  I used to call on John as a Dealer Sales Rep for Senco Products.  We’ve had a chat or two about the impact of Home Depot coming to town. 

Anyway, if you’re looking for employment information, I suggest visiting  I am probably not the best resource, but am happy to pass along what I happen to come across.


2 responses to “Google Confirmed Coming to Charleston Area…and other employment expansion

  1. It seems to me like the technology industries are moving to that area as well. Not just Google but more software engineering type companies. Blackbaud, Benefitfocus, a few others, any idea if more are looking at the area? I can’t stand California and live in Reston (DC suberb) area (Silicon Valley 2 they say) so the hopes of hubby finding a local job in Chaleston instead of Remote telecommuting sounds nice.

  2. I would like to get some more information on the Google expansion. Has general contractor been awarded? If so, please give me a contact person if possible. Your help will be greatly appreciated.


    Wayne Watts

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