Telling the WHOLE Story: Update, Kings Grant Waste Water Treatment Plant; Maybe a little more than you wanted to know.

In an earlier post, I spoke of a waste water treatment plant behind homes on Lancer Dr. in Kings Grant in Summerville.  According to the listing agent, the seller is sticking to their story that it is a “water treatment plant.”  Having asked the agent on more than one occasion, he never would admint that it was a WASTE water treatment plant.  We call that the same thing in SC you do where you are…sewage.  Anyway, a little more digging revealed that Dorchester County Water and Sewer has recently taken responsibility for operating the plant.  Recieved some good news today from a returned phone  call from DCWS.  DCWS does plan on de-activating the plant in about 2 years, “abandoned” was the word used by the person I spoke to with DCWS.  It will be replaced by a pumping station, which should keep the stinky matter enclosed, and also not dumping into the Ashley River, at least not at that point anyway.  But at least the residents on Lancer will be rid of that constant swooshing around of poopy water, and we’ll be able to say goodbye to that strange smell each Tuesday evening out on Dorchester Rd.  I guess the wind doesn’t blow this way.  We’re about 1/2 mile South from the poopy plant, and the smell doesn’t get down here, thank goodness.  Cara and I live on Fairington Dr.

In the meantime, if you’re looking at any homes in Kings Grant and want to know precisely where the offending facility is located, just go down to the boat landing and just on the other side of the fence, you can’t miss it.  It doesn’t always stink, thankfully, but you’ll be able to follow the swooshing, like 100 toilet bowls all flushing at once.  Sorry to you Lancer Dr residents.  Guess you’ll be lulled to sleep by the sound of swooshing for awhile longer. 

Speaking of Kings Grant, the new clubhouse and swimming pool are taking shape.  Load of block delivered last week near the swimming pool, and footers poured right next to the swimming pool.  Haven’t heard anything about when they’re going to start building all those new homes, though. 


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