Flowertown Festival – Huge Crowd in Summerville SC

Just a quick note on the Flowertown Festival, sorry if I don’t have more info.  It’s just that Cara and I are just not festival people.  We commented that we were good for about five years, after our two hour stop on Sunday.  The weather was amazing, sunny and low 80’s.  Hot as it’s been recently.  The Ben and Jerry’s ice cream at our last stop melted down my arm.  We had already eaten at Quizno’s on the way.  We thought that might help us avoid the temptation of the blooming onions and elephant ears.  We missed the taste of Summerville alltogether, we really were just there for the walking and to see if we would run into anyone we knew, which we did.  We enjoyed watching the kids on the kiddie rides, that was fun.  It’s just Cara and I now, the boys have moved out.  Stopped by a few booths to check out some of the crafts and art.  One notable booth I particularly enjoyed had historic pictures of recognizable Charleston Buildings and sites, framed in rustic, simple flat black frames.  Being a military graduate of Virginia Tech, I was drawn to a Citidel picture of a formation of cadets in the courtyard at the original campus, now an Embassy Suites Hotel in Downtown Charleston.  Didn’t buy it…$75.  We were not in the spending mode. 

While I’m on the topic of Summerville, did want to make a brief mention of Cara and I’s lunch this week at The Mustard Seed, located right on Main St. in Summerville on the railroad tracks.   It was particularly good this trip.  I had fish cakes with sauted vegetables and garlic mashed potatoes, and then a mocha chocolate torte for dessert.  Also, tasted a sizable chunk of Cara’s Hummingbird cake.  Very, very good.  What’s most amazing to me are the prices.  A pretty good selection of fine choices at $8 each, and more than enough for lunch.  Would be plenty for dinner actually.  So, remember the Mustard Seed, it’s a local favorite.  Maybe this makes up for passing on the Taste of Summerville. 

One last note, the Azaleas are just about done for, absolutely breathtaking this year.  The squiggleys from the oak trees and massive quantities of yellow pollen everywhere; hope to be seeing that end soon as well.  Glad to see Spring and 80’s weather.  A few days of 80’s and I’ll be able to go surfing for the first time this year. 


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