Ten Sure Bets for Restaurants in Charleston’s Historic District

Charleston has an amazing selection of restaurants, most of which are located downtown.  As editors of www.charlestondining.com, Cara and I have the opportunity to enjoy many of them.  We may be guilty of some bias, as in many cases, the proprietor is buying us dinner.  I’ll be honest with you…I’m not going to write a bad review.  For one thing, I don’t think it’s fair.  If you’ve worked at a restaurant, you know that all the factors that go into a perfect dining experience are very, very difficult to maintain and deliver on a consistent basis.  So, “ten sure bets” is a way for me to point you toward our favorites, without slamming a restaurant owner because one line cook had a bad night.

 This article was written about 4 years ago, we’re in the process of updating it.  Actually, some of the restaurants Cara and I go back to regularly on our own dime, aren’t even on this list.  Slightly North of Broad is a good downtown choice.  39 Rue De Jean is on the list.  If all they had on the menu was bread and Caesar Salad, we’d keep going back…it’s the best.  And the Mustard Seed in Summerville is a good choice when the weather is nice.  Their climage control is a little anoying when it’s hot or cold, but the food is consistently very good, and the prices are fair. 


We’ll do the best to bring you up to date on our favorite restaurants.  Sorry we haven’t been able to devote more time to keep it up.   Just read that Charleston Grill has completed their renovation, and imagine they updated the menu as well, so we’re looking forward to getting that on our schedule.  Also, we’re working something out with Woodlands right now, which we’ll be reporting on. 

One last note…as I said, I hate to write negative reviews, but I want to maintain the value of our content…so I’ll say this…generally speaking, Prime rib-eyes are dissappointing for the money.  I’ve had two bad experiences…I love ribeyes at home…where a $40-$50 massive prime ribeye choice was on the menu, and the flavor just wasn’t there.  Not sure why, but my recommendation is that if you’re going to pay for prime, get the filet or strip.   Not the ribeye.  If I was paying for the meal, I definately would have sent it back.  Honestly, I just didn’t have the stomach to send back the dish when the owner was buying us dinner. 



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