Great Improvement or Disaster? Thruway through Wescott Plantation

It may be hard for you to appreciate the significance of this if you haven’t seen or been on Dorchester Rd at 7:30 in the morning, or starting about 4 in the afternoon.  It can be quiet a log jam if you have to be at work at a particular time, or taking your kids to school. 

DR Horton sales agents are presenting the connection between Ashley Phosphate Rd. Wescott Plantation, and Ladson Road as a benefit, and yes, I’m sure it will be a convenience at times for Wescott Residents.  Depending on the time of day, it could potentially save 30 minutes, and at least 10, from not having to drive out to the light, and drive on Dorchester to get to either Ashley Phosphate or Ladson Rd.  Right now, you can either go out Wescott Blvd, or over to Coosaw Creek, but you still have to get out on Dorchester Rd.   

So What’s the Problem?  I live right across Dorchester Rd in Kings Grant, where the residents are trying to have a law written making it illegal to cut through the subdivision.  Right now, there are “no turn” signs, but they aren’t enforceable.  It’s not against the law to cut through a subdivision.  The Wescott Thruway  is inviting half the county to cut through Wescott Plantation.  It’s going to save me a huge amount of time getting to my office, as I drive from the traffic light at Wescott, up Dorchester Rd, and right on Ladson Rd.  At the wrong time of day, this can be quite an undertaking.  So, being able to drive through the light on Dorchester Rd, and cut through to either Ashley Phosphate or Ladson Rd. is going to make my life a lot easier…and I’m sure it’s going to help a few thousand other citizens as well.  But for residents of Wescott, with their amenity center located right on what will soon be the new thruway, it’s going to bring 1000’s of cars a day directly thru The Farm at Wescott.  THAT IS A BIG PROBLEM!  In King’s Grant, we’re dealing with a few hundred cars a day….short cutters have to bounce over about 9 pretty good size speed humps to cover the 2 mile stretch through Kings Grant.  I can’t even imagine how many cars will be taking advantage of The New Wescott Thruway. 

If you live in the Farm, have a home under contract in the Farm, or are looking for the best neighborhood in Summerville for your family, it’s important you understand what this will mean to you.  Let us know your thoughts. 


4 responses to “Great Improvement or Disaster? Thruway through Wescott Plantation

  1. Thanks for the post about the road through THE FARM in wescott!!!! We had a contract on a house in Planters Row. They told us nothing about it. We are out of state and I think they were trying to play one on us. Without your help we would have been Screwed Sorry about that just mad. They said we would get our Money back but still Fighting for it. Thanks Pete

  2. We are moving from out of town to the Summerville area. My husband will be working at Summerville Medical Center. We are trying to decide between the area around the new Publix on Central and the Wescott Plantation area for a house. Any comments?

  3. I like the location of Wescott Plantation and prefer the front sections that were completed a few years ago. The area around the new Publix will be fine if you are working at the Summerville Medical Center, especially if you aren’t driving to work at regular commute hours. Wescott will be closer, as well as closer to downtown if you want to drive in for dinner or entertainment as we do. Dorchester Rd can be pretty nasty at the wrong time. Please contact us when you get ready to buy. We dont’ just blog and write great content. I have a great buyer’s agent on my team.

  4. SCtransplant

    I live in Ashley Ridge which is in the middle of Wescott Blvd. The thruway has been more beneficial and isn’t as congested as one may have imagined. Wescott is still a quiet neighborhood community and even with all the residents, the traffic flow is still pretty small. I love it! I hope they will put a grocery store back there so I don’t have to drive further! 🙂

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