Worried About Finding Good Pizza Down South?

This may sound like a really funny question to some of you, but it’s no joking matter if you’re from New York, New Yersey or Chicago.  Moving someplace without decent pizza, it’s just too aweful to even think about.  Sorry to you folks from Chicago, as far as I know, the nearest decent Chicago Pizza is in Surfside near Myrtle Beach, and I’m not comletely sure that’s still there.  But if New York Style is your thing, you’re in luck…although you have to drive to Summerville to find it.  If anyone out there knows of any others, please let us know…I’ve had Andolini’s and it used to be as good as you could get around here.  It’s very tasty…but my hands down favorite is Italian Bistro in Summerville on Old Trolley Road next to the Sentry Hardware Store…just about 50 feet from Dorchester Rd.  Jerry Scotto is the owner…and he does it right.  The pizza is awesome, and anything with tomato sauce on it is fabulous.  They use these imported Italian Pear tomatoes that are unbelievable.

When I was growing up, my Dad moved to Queens N. Y. (without us kids), and we would go up and visit him a couple of times a year.  It was pretty tough coming back to Pizza Hut; that’s all we had in Virginia.  He later moved to Freeport on Long Island and I remember how we’d split an extra large pie with pepporoni, the kind where you fold it in half and let the grease drip on your plate, just so you don’t burn the hell out of the top of your mouth. 

So, all your New Yorkers and New Jersey… people…not sure what you call yourselves, you can come on down…we have a pie waiting on you.  You folks up in Chicagoland…you’ll have to settle for New York Pizza, you might prefer the thicker Sicilian…but you’ll have to survive without your heartclenching super extra cheese thick crust pizza. 


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