What’s Your Favorite Thing About Living in Charleston?

For Cara and I, the first thing is that there is water everywhere.  We actually moved to Georgia for two years to live on an obscure lake not too many people had heard of called Jackson Lake.  I had always thought that if I could live on a lake and be able to walk across my front yard and step into my boat, that I would have truly arrived.  What we actually found was that once we had explored the lake, it was pretty boring after that.  In the Charleston area and in South Carolina, there is an endless variety of places to explore.  We have a 17 1/2 foot runabout that we trailer around, and we’ve been to Lake Greenwood, Lake Murray in the Columbia Area, in addition to the many waterways in the Charleston area.  Lake Greenwood, we had one of our best vacations ever….we stumbled across a campground right on the lake, where we could step from our camp site right onto the boat.   We’re not really campers, I think we camped out three times the whole time the boys were living with us.  But these were some of our favorites.  It was amazing to go out and play boat for awhile, find a swimming spot, or go skiing, and then come back and cook dinner over a wood fire.  It didn’t matter what we were cooking, it always tasted incredible.  We’d hang around the camp ground for awhile, then get back on the boat and play in the water some more.  Our last night, it poured rain all night long, and all four of us were crammed into this so-called three man tent.  It was pretty uncomfortable, but it’s still a warm memory.  Zachary, our youngest, was pretty figity, and I probably slept about 30 minutes all night.  Jason and Cara were out completely.  As soon as the sun came up, I was ready to get on the  road. 

The first weekend or two we had the boat, we most of the dumb stuff new boaters do..well I should say “I”.   We ran out of gas the first weekend in the middle of the intracoastal waterway.  The boat that stopped to help us had a dingy almost the size of our boat, and they handed down the gas tank to the dingey, which I dumped into my tank while trying not to bang into the other boat.  Then, of course we had to find a sand bar with the bottom of the boat.  Thankfully, it was deep enough that the jar wasn’t too bad…no one was hurt…just scared.  We were able to back right off of it.   I remember watching the shoreline get closer, not realizing we were in dangerously shallow water.  And of course, there was trying to get the boat of the trailer with the tie down straps still on.  And finally, it took me a couple of years for this one…putting the boat in the water without the plug.  That was fun.  Had six people in the boat of course.  I managed to jump out of the boat with the solid brass plug, screwing it into its whole without dropping it into the ten foot deep murky water. 

Anyway, we not only enjoy boating, but just driving around the area…driving down I26 and seeing the Ashley River on the right as you see the Cosgrove Rd exit, and then the new Cooper River Bridge on the left.  Being able to go to Folly Pier any time we want, walk to the end of the pier, and then go for a walk on the beach.  Later, stopping for lunch on the way home at the Lost Dog Cafe or California Dreaming Restaurant.  The Crab Shack in Folly is fun when you can sit outside.  The food isn’t that great, but it’s nice to watch the people walk by.  And we like the peanuts. 

And of course, there is the surfing.  Not something that Cara and I enjoy together very often although she’s gone with me a couple of times and watched from the car.  Surfing changed my life last year.  Folly Beach surf is certainly not California or Hawaii, but it’s ridable much of the time, and when there’s a storm out in the Gulf, it gets pretty good….not for me because I’m just a beginner…but it’s fun to watch the experienced surfers catch the big ones.  I’ve been out in head high surf and just get beat up.  Maybe by the end of this summer I’ll be able to handle it. 

 Well, that’s my entry for today. Hope you enjoyed the journey with me.  Please share yours. 


One response to “What’s Your Favorite Thing About Living in Charleston?

  1. Well that just confirms why we are moving down next year. It seems like such a nice place for those who like the outdoors. Quality of life seems better there than where we are now.

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