A Couple of More Thoughts on New Construction

Some of you read my review on Centex’s new community, Carolina Bay, and expressed that you had owned Centex homes, and that you would not buy one again.  (BTW, the comments came in emails, not blog comments.  It would be great if you’d make your comments on the blog where eveyone could see them.)  Or that you were surprised that the review was so positive.  Perhaps some clarification would be helpful.  I think that new construction quality across the board ranges from poor to average.  If you think about it, why should we find anything in the walk-thru inspection?  Why doesn’t the builder complete a thorough inspection and catch everything?  I mean, when you buy a toaster or a television, do you hire someone at your expense to inspect it for you?  Obviously not.  You simply expect to plug it in and use it.  If there is a problem with it, you take it back…and you may not even want to exchange it for the same model.  You might want a refund so maybe you can buy a different brand.  Having said that, consumers need to deal with the reality as it exists today, not as we think it should be.  There are production builders that I would only consider as an absolute last result.  I’ve never sold any of their homes, or even shown them, because of what I’ve seen visiting thier construction sites.  Why ask for trouble?  So, comparitively speaking, I would rather see someone purchase a Weiland, Centex, Brentwood, or Harbor home, because I’ve seen inspection reports both new, and after they’ve been used for a few years.  I don’t have enough information to comment on Beazer.  They sell a lot of houses in Charleston.  As does KB.  As does D. R. Horton.  Anyone have anything to say about any of the builders mentioned???


5 responses to “A Couple of More Thoughts on New Construction

  1. I owned a Centex home in Illinois in the1970’s. There were a few minor problems which were fixed. And yes, I would and am buying a Centex home in Carolina Bay. Building a home is a complicated task. Many trades are involved. All have their own unique problems in fitting their system into a home. There are 1000’s of parts and many are made of natural materials which can vary. No two 2x4s are the same. Weather elements cause problems during construction. All considered, it would be near impossible to build a perfect home. The law of averages almost guarantees something will be wrong. I have had friends have custom homes built for far more then a subdivision home and they all had problems some very serious. The important thing is: will the builder stand behind his product and correct the problems in a timely and professional manner. If that occurs, then the home buyer should be satisfied. I have found this to be the case with Centex. Or at least I did in 1976 and hoping to have a repeat of that satisfactory experience.

  2. Thanks Marv for your comments. Yes, it’s very important how builders stand behind the product. I hope to hear from others about their experiences with different builders.

  3. A little chuckle, a contracter friend once told me that a house is a thousand mistakes you move into when it is finished.

  4. Shirley Peoples

    I am having a Centex home built in the Weatherstone complex, at Summerville. My contract was drawn up in February so perhaps this is a little premature on my part. Here it is last week in March and I do think someone could call and keep me abreast of just what is going on. I am new to the new construction market so this may be normal, however, good customer service says that keeping the customer informed will cut down of the many phone calls to sales representative you can’t answer your questions.

  5. Marvin Nochowitz


    If you go to the Centex web page, you can find a page they have for your home. It lists the steps to building the house and where they are on yours. That is one way to keep track. Until they start building , nothing much will be listed on your page. I bought a home about the same time you did but in Carolina Bay. I’m still waiting for a building permit so they can begin. I can understand your fustration. I’m just as anxious to see my home built. Nothing to do but wait and be patient

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