OK, So What the Heck is a “Lens”?

For an example, visit www.squidoo.com/move2charleston, or www.squidoo.com/obviousadams.  A lens is simply a web page that you put up on the internet about a particular area of interest, so that people that are looking for information can hear what you have to say.  So, it’s both an opportunity to express youself, and learn what others have to say about soming that you’re interested in buying perhaps, or a topic about which you are passionnate.  Setting up your own LENS is easy and free.  Just visit one of mine above and you’ll see on the right hand side, MAKE YOUR OWN PAGE LIKE THIS.  In minutes, you can have your own web page.  Until a friend of mine helped me out, I had no idea how easy it was to set up a blog.  Visit www.wordpress.com.  It’s easy and it’s free.  So, start expressing yourself, and hear what others have to say. 


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