Everyone’s an Expert

Everyone’s an Expert (about something)   by Seth Godin is available at www.squidoo.com as a free download.  If you own a business, and one of the ways your customers find businesses like yours in on the internet, then it’s worth a trip.  The download is 32 pages, and has some interesting insites into how people find the information they need before making a purchasea.  Although I have no way of validating it, I strongly suspect he is really onto something.  What is it that you really want when you’re trying to make a decision?  Isn’t what you really want is unfiltered opinions from real people?  Testimonials are fine so far as they go, but what salesperson or business doesn’t have two or three happy customers.  How do you tell that they deliver good quality consistently?  Blogs are the first generation, but second generation communication may be “Lenses”.  We’ll see.  http://www.squidoo.com/pages/EveryoneIsAnExpert.pdf 



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