Charleston Restaurants, some new favorites

One of Cara and I’s favorite things about Charleston are the Restaurants.  It’s been awhile since I wrote “Ten Sure Bets for Restuarants in Charleston’s Historic District” so I wanted to go ahead a briefly mention some favorites we’ve added over the years. 

Tristan is a recent addition.  You can find my review on and  We happen to be there the week Wheel of Fortune was in town and just as an extra bonus, Pat Sadjak just happened to be sitting right behind me.  No, Vanna White was not with him.  We relished many of the courses across the board, from soup to dessert.  The She-Crab Soup and the Crab Cakes were both over par.  Pat and I both had the cowboy prime ribeye, although I never mustered up the courage to ask him how his was, mine was big. 

Another favorite is 39 Rue de Jean, which means 39 John St., how clever.  They have my favorite Caesar Salad ever.  Cara and I have never been dissappointed.  We’d keep going there just for the bread and butter.  And for seafood, Coast next door has performed consistently well for us. 

Central Grille in Summerville is a new addition.  We like sitting outside best, when weather permits.  My understanding is that one of the chefs from The Mustard Seed went out and started his own restaurant.  I’ve never been dissappointed.  Summerville needed another decent restaurant….you can only do Oscar’s so many times. 

We’ve always like the Mustard Seed in Summerville, and always enjoy the food.  We don’t enjoy the experience however, unless the weather outside doesn’t require the inside air to be controlled.  The facility is not the best.  Don’t let this dissuade you however.  The food is terrific.  The have a crab cake for lunch on slaw that is a delight. 

A helpful hint, if you’re going to a seafood restaurant, find out if they have real butter for the baked potatoes.  To me, there’s not too many things as dissappointing as paying fifty bucks for dinner, and having to settle for margerine on anything.  How much money can they really be saving, I wonder.  So, avoid Gilligans…all three locations…unless you prefer margerine. 

Also, A. W. Shucks and Bubba Gumps can be adequate on a good night, but you can do better for the money.  Go to Hank’s or Magnolias.  You’ll pay about the same money and have better food and surroundings.  If you’re really going to treasure the memories of your kids imitating Jenny yelling “Run Forrest Run.” then by all means, indulge yourself.   


One response to “Charleston Restaurants, some new favorites

  1. Wow…good reviews. Would add that High Cotton is a great restaurant, also. Love that Magnolia’s also. Nice atmosphere.

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