Another Edible Addition to Cara and I’s Dining Choices

Cara and I had lunch today at the Eclectic Chef in Summerville.  It’s on the part of Central Avenue that’s been closed off to cars, it’s really filling out very nicely.  It’s a little hidden, but there was a nice crowd anyway.  Downtown Summerville is one of the more successful downtown revitalization projects I understand…not a single shoe repair or beauty products store to be found. 

Anyway, back  to the Eclectic Chef.  I had the Cuban, which was quite tasty with lots of meat and cheese, Romaine Lettuce, and some type of Vinaigrette dressing.  Cara said her Chicken Caesar wrap was the best she’d had, and that means a lot coming from Cara.  She also enjoyed the potato salad, as did I, even though Cara put too much salt on it.  We were tempted by the dessert case but restrained ourselves.  The unsweet tea was good.  The counter service worked pretty well.  The bill was about twenty bucks.  Overall, a good experience.  We’ll be back.  And next time we’ll probably have the dessert. 


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