What’s the biggest problem moving to a new area and how do you solve it?

I want to ask everyone out there for some help in getting this started.  What are the biggest challenges you face in making a move?  Are you concerned that you don’t know the area?  How many of you are concerned that you’re going to be mislead when you get here…that you can’t really trust anyone to tell you the truth, the whole truth.  When I bought my first house in Summerville, I really had no idea what affect the Navy base closure was going to have here in Charleston.  I was going through a lot of stuff personally, and rushed into buying a house.  It ended up costing me money.  About $10,000 in the early 90’s.  I suppose I should have known better, but I thought this agent was on my side.  Maybe she needed the commission.  The agent that sold me my house is one of the top 10 agents in Summerville today, I won’t tell  you her name.  It was interesting that she never followed up with me to ask for a referral or anything.  She’s a nice lady, I still see her from time to time.

 A very close friend of mine, and my financial advisor, said that when he and his wife moved into Charleston, the agent they met asking about a particular house only showed them her listings, none of which matched what they were telling her they were interested in seeing. Hmmmm.  They found a house on their own and involved her in the sale, so she was paid the commission for writing the contract and following through to the close.  Same thing….my friend said they never heard from her again.  Interestingly, also one of the top agents in Summerville.  Still doing over $10 million a year.  They must be doing something right, I guess they treat enough people right to still get repeat business.  Does 25 years experience mean you’re going to be treated fairly?  I guess it depends on what “Fairly” means to you.  We’ve heard that before, haven’t we.  “Well, I guess that means what “is” is.”  Pretty ridiculous. 

What I’m wondering is, how do you tell that a person you’re dealing with is going to put you first when it’s their time and money against yours?  Is getting a personal referral enough?  What is enough validation of one’s character?  In what situations can you find yourself where this might be an issue?  Did you get to see all the pertinent”comps”, or were one or two filtered out so that you’d move forward and sign the contract.  Who decides how words like, “structurally sound” and “operational” get interpreted when evaluating what repairs to ask for?  The principals?  Or the agents?   

How do you find someone that is not going to end up “selling” you?  Any ideas?  And what are your biggest concerns about picking out your home?  Are you able to find all of the information you need fairly easily?  Where are the best resources you’ve found? 


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